Are you thinking about the best things to see and do in Pollensa? Discover the 12 best places with Ideal Property.

Pollensa is one of the most comprehensive, recommended tourist destinations in Mallorca. This town, with over 3,000 years of history behind it and 15,000 residents, is set in the north of the island, where it promises numerous experiences.

It offers idyllic beaches with turquoise water, impressive landscapes, cobblestone alleys full of history, services and unique ways to spend your time. Want to find out which ones you mustn’t miss?

1. Pollensa harbour

This is the heart of this town, where liveliness, ambience and most of the ways to spend your time are found. Its relaxing beach is next to the spaces set up for water sports. You’ll also find a long promenade that takes you to the marina. A stroll along it to see the boats and enjoy the surrounding terraces is essential.

puerto de Pollensa al atardecer
la fortaleza en Pollensa, una de la propiedades más caras

2. La fortaleza de Pollensa

Even though this fortress started out as a lookout tower to defend the area from pirates, at the beginning of the 20th century it became a residence for artists. Dating back to the 17th century, La Fortaleza is considered one of the most expensive properties in Spain and it guarantees a fascinating post card.

3.Pollensa bay

This area’s connection to the Mediterranean is split between its two main towns: Pollensa and Alcudia. Both are lovely towns with unique, natural beaches nearby, such as the San Vicente cove. Pollensa bay has many cycling routes for both enthusiasts and professionals.

Bahía de Pollensa, cosas que ver

4. San Vicente Cove

Positioned in the north-east of Mallorca, it stands out for the crystal-clear transparency of the water, the impressive cliffs and the amazing views. It is the perfect marine refuge for those who love untamed areas for swimming. However, swimming is forbidden on windy days because of the dangerous swell. Want to go scuba diving? This is an excellent area.

5. El Calvario, historia de Pollensa

Why not do this 40-minute uphill walk which, as well as a demanding physical activity, is a true gift to the senses? You’ll come to a delightful, picturesque spot, peppered with magical streets, market stalls with handcrafts and historical buildings. There are 365 steps in total, one for each day of the year, among cypress trees and crossroads, as well as some incredibly beautiful panoramic views.

lugares historicos de pollensa el calvario

6. Santo Domingo convent in Pollensa

Those who enjoy art, culture and religious places will enjoy this charismatic visit. Not only does it include the Pollensa Museum with its many artistic works, but it is also known for its baroque cloister. Built between 1558 and 1616, the building hosts a classical music festival, the Pollença Festival.

7. Plaza Mayor Pollensa


This is one of the most renowned landmarks in this town. As well as hosting a lively atmosphere and social activity, it features a 17th century church, peaceful terraces, restaurants, cafes and, on Sundays, a particular hustle and bustle. That is market day and everything comes to life around this spot!

plaza mayor uno de los lugares que ver en Pollensa
Mercado de Pollensa

8. Pollensa Market

You mustn’t miss this hive of commerce that combines food, textiles, footwear and handcrafts of all kinds. It is held on Sundays in the always-crowded Plaza Mayor between eight in the morning and half past one in the afternoon. Visit Pollensa market and try the fresh local produce!

9. Formentor Cape

This half hour journey by car will take you to some unique vantage points, such as Es Colomer and Talaia d’albertcutx. Without doubt, you’ll see the best views in the Balearics, especially if you enjoy them at sunset from the Formentor lighthouse. Make the most of the trip and have a swim at Formentor beach or Figuera cove.

pollensa y sus vistas al cabo de formentor
cala murta es uno de los lugares top de pollensa

10. Murta Cove

Located 20km from Pollensa harbour, this is a surprising entry to the sea, with a 180m trail to get there. The swimming area is set among leafy vegetation and powerful cliffs. The colours in the blue water and the green forests are fascinating. It promises tranquillity, perhaps because getting there is no easy feat.

11. Joan March Gardens

A stroll through these stunning gardens will take you to the statue of Joan Mas, a local hero, while you enjoy the native vegetation. However, the most important element is the Desbrull tower. Gothic in style, it belonged to the stately home of the family with that name. Don’t miss it, and take a photo next to it for your social media account.

jardines joan march de pollensa
necropolis de cala varques en pollensa
cala varques en Pollensa

12. Cala Varques Cementery

You only need to travel a kilometre from Pollensa harbour to get to this spot which combines dreamlike coves and the caves that make up this cemetery. Dating back to 1600 BC, you can visit these caves and admire the human effort of so many centuries ago.

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