General conditions



By booking with Ideal Property Mallorca (hereinafter referred to as IPM), the customer accepts the “booking conditions”, which are described below:


Ideal Property PMI S.L.U. offers the mediation of third-party services on the website, namely contracts with the landlords of holiday properties. Ideal Property PMI S.L.U. therefore only acts as an intermediary between the customer and the landlord.



 The rental contract with the landlord and the customer comes into being upon receipt of the booking confirmation (declaration of acceptance), which Ideal Property PMI S.L.U. acts as an agent and representative of the landlord on his behalf. The booking confirmation does not require a specific form. The number of people and animals specified in the booking will be observed by the customer. Bookings can be made without individual communication via an online booking process (contract in electronic business).

The following applies to the conclusion of the contract: The contract comes from the receipt of the booking confirmation from Ideal Property PMI S.L.U. with the customer.

Ideal Property PMI S.L.U. is authorized with regard to all payments, also with regard to cancellation costs and other payments to the landlord, as a sales representative for collection by the landlord.

A first payment is due upon conclusion of the contract (receipt of the booking confirmation). The amount of the first payment is 30% of the rental price and must be paid to Ideal Property PMI S.L.U. within 2 working days after receipt of the booking confirmation. afford to. The remaining payment is due 8 weeks before the start of the trip to Ideal Property PMI S.L.U. to be paid. The customer will also be informed of these payment conditions before booking in the information about the availability of the holiday home. The decisive factor is the receipt of payment at Ideal Property PMI S.L.U.

Do the down payment and / or the final payment at Ideal Property PMI S.L.U. or the agreed payment recipient within this period, although the holiday property is available in accordance with the contract and there is no contractual or legal right of retention on the part of the customer, Ideal Property PMI S.L.U. entitled to issue a warning with a deadline and to authorize the landlord to withdraw from the contract and to charge the customer flat-rate cancellation fees on behalf of the landlord.

Insofar as the landlord is willing and able to provide the booked holiday property in accordance with the contract and there is no contractual or statutory right of retention on the part of the customer, there is no entitlement to purchase the property and the contractual services without full payment.



The prices that are valid for a reservation shall always be those published on the website at the time it is made.

IPM reserves the right to publish last-minute offers without prior notification and at their convenience. Therefore, the customer may not request a discount or price reduction after the reservation is confirmed.



The descriptions, photos and other information published on the IPM website reflect the characteristics of each property at the time they were uploaded on our website. Furthermore, IPM hereby undertakes to update such information inasmuch as possible. Therefore, the information and the published photos may change without prior notification. IPM shall not be held liable for possible changes to the furnishings or appliances that may take place between the reservation being confirmed and the customer arriving at the property.

IPM shall not be held liable for possible modifications arising from force majeure, such as strikes, wars, earthquakes, power or water supply cuts, pandemic, epidemic, storms, works performed in close proximity to the property and other circumstances that were unforeseeable at the time the reservation was made.

Neither shall IPM be held liable for electrical appliances, heating systems, air conditioning systems, the swimming pool or the internet, etc. not working properly. While IPM regularly checks that the equipment at each property is working, this ultimately depends on the owner of the property. If the customer discovers that any piece of equipment does not work properly, they must contact IPM immediately, in order for the owner of the property to resolve the issue. Despite the foregoing, the customer must bear in mind that there will be a period of time between the issue being detected and it being resolved. Thus, IPM shall not pay or be held liable for potential complaints arising from the equipment not working properly subsequent to the guest checking out from the property.

The customer shall be liable for the proper use of the property, including the objects located inside the property, such as electrical appliances, furnishings, etc., and outside of the property, such as the swimming pool, barbeque, etc.

IPM shall not be held liable for possible accidents that may take place during your stay, or robberies or thefts of any type of object located inside or outside of the contracted property.

All complaints must be made in writing to the owner of the property or IPM.



The customer hereby undertakes to respect both the property and all the items located therein. In the event of a breakage or breakdown, the customer must contact the owner or IPM within a maximum period of 24 hours in order for such breakdown or breakage to be repaired. Furthermore, financial compensation may be claimed from the customer in the event that the breakage or breakdown is attributable to them.



IPM shall cancel the contract for the following reasons:

a) ...breakages or breakdowns arising from misuse by the customer or the accompanying parties thereof.

b) ...noises or disturbances suffered by neighbours and other people.
c) ...Failure to respect the rules that the owner imposes on their property, such as the hours at which the swimming pool can be used, use of the air-conditioning system, etc.

d) ...any electric vehicle that needs to be charged is not allowed to be charged in the holiday home without prior permission from the owner or IPM. And if this is the case, the electricity consumption will be paid separately. 
e) ... the deposit and/or the balance are not received by Ideal Property PMI S.L.U. or the agreed payee within the set deadlines, or if deposits, tourist tax and any incidental expenses are not paid.



IPM charges the following cancellation fees when the client cancels:

for cancellation up to 30th day prior to departure: 0% of the rent FREE CANCELATION,
for cancellation from the 29th day prior to departure will be charged 100% of the rent.


If Ideal Property PMI S.L.U. Customer care is offered to cancel a reservation. If the customer does not do this, the withdrawal already made will be withdrawn. Other possibilities can be an ideal property PMI S.L.U. not be made.

We recomended that you take out travel insurance.

7.1 Conditions for rebooking

The price of the 2nd booking must be the same as or higher than the price of the 1st booking

The remaining payment must be made when rebooking. Without the final payment, the booking will not be changed. And the customer has to pay the usual cancellation fees for canceling the actual booking

If the customer cancels a rebooking, the customer incurs a cancellation fee of 100%

If the agency cancels a rebooking due to the unavailability of the booked property, Ideal Property Mallorca will offer the customer a property of the same price and quality. Ideal Property Mallorca defines the criteria for this. A refund of the amount paid by the customer is not possible.

If the customer wishes to change the booking to a more expensive property, he must pay the surcharge when changing the booking.

8. Booking conditions.

Law 2/2016, of March 30, on the tax on tourist stays in the Balearic Islands and measures to promote sustainable tourism.

We inform you that, since July 2016, a new tax on tourism in the Balearic Islands is legally in force, said "Tourist Tax" / "Ecotase" is not included in the price and must be paid separately. (NOT included in the price of the reservation)

-Season from May 1st to October 31st
2.20 € applies per person / per night from 16 years.
From the 9th Night, the amount is reduced to 1.10 €/person.

-Season from November 1st to April 30th
0.55 € applies per person / per night from 16 years old.
From the 9th Night, the amount is reduced to 0.27 €/person.

Prices may change by season and year, and will depend on whether there is an update from the "Govern de les Illes Balears"
In the event that the amount changes, the corresponding updated amount must be paid to the "Govern de les Illes Balears" on the date of stay of the reservation.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

Reservations shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish Law and shall be subject solely and exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Inca or Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands).

The client at the moment of making the reservation accepts the above mentioned law and jurisdiction, not being able to claim in other courts other than those of Palma de Mallorca.


De conformidad con lo establecido en la normativa vigente en Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, le informamos que sus datos serán incorporados al sistema de tratamiento titularidad de IDEAL PROPERTY PMI SL con CIF B57788432 y domicilio social sito en TEODORO CANET, 7 3ºF 07400, ALCUDIA (ILLES BALEARS), con la finalidad de atender los compromisos derivados del contrato suscrito entre ambas partes. En cumplimiento con la normativa vigente, IDEAL PROPERTY PMI SL informa que los datos serán conservados durante EL PLAZO LEGALMENTE ESTABLECIDO. Con la presente cláusula queda informado de que sus datos serán comunicados en caso de ser necesario a: administraciones públicas y a todas aquellas entidades con las que sea necesaria la comunicación con la finalidad de cumplir con la prestación del servicio anteriormente mencionado. El hecho de no facilitar los datos a las entidades mencionadas implica que no se pueda cumplir con la prestación de los servicios objeto del presente contrato. A su vez, le informamos que puede contactar con el Delegado de Protección de Datos de IDEAL PROPERTY PMI SL, dirigiéndose por escrito a la dirección de correo o al teléfono 902877192.  IDEAL PROPERTY PMI SL informa que procederá a tratar los datos de manera lícita, leal, transparente, adecuada, pertinente, limitada, exacta y actualizada. Es por ello que IDEAL PROPERTY PMI SL se compromete a adoptar todas las medidas razonables para que estos se supriman o rectifiquen sin dilación cuando sean inexactos. De acuerdo con los derechos que le confiere la normativa vigente en protección de datos podrá ejercer los derechos de acceso, rectificación, limitación de tratamiento, supresión, portabilidad y oposición al tratamiento de sus datos de carácter personal así como del consentimiento prestado para el tratamiento de los mismos, dirigiendo su petición a la dirección postal indicada más arriba o al correo electrónico INFO@IDEAL-PROPERTYMALLORCA.COM.  Podrá dirigirse a la Autoridad de Control competente para presentar la reclamación que considere oportuna. En último lugar, IDEAL PROPERTY PMI SL informa que con la firma del presente documento otorga el consentimiento explícito para el tratamiento de los datos mencionados anteriormente.