Got any idea of what foods are eaten in Mallorca? This island is finger-licking, especially when you sit down and get stuck into its traditional dishes and recipes. Join us on a tour around the island in search of Mallorcan gastronomy.

Traditional Mallorcan dishes

What stands out about Mallorcan cuisine is just how much variety there is. If you like your food, then you’ve come to the right place, where there’s always high-quality food and a wealth of options.


Tumbet combines potato, aubergine, courgette, roasted pepper, garlic and tomato, but can also be cooked with meat. In any case, it is mouth-watering, nourishing and very filling. The original recipe includes sultanas and pine nuts, harking back to its Arabic origin. Tumbet can be served as a main dish or side dish, a delicious and nutritious option that fuses authentic and healthy flavours bite after bite.

tumbet comida tipica de mallorca
frito mallorquin comida tipica de mallorca

Frito mallorquín

There are two types: with meat (pork or lamb) and another seafood-based one known as fritura marinera.

The meat version of frito mallorquín has pieces of pork or lamb, that are browned in oil along with a variety of vegetables such as peas, fennel, spring onions, red pepper and a dash of spice. These ingredients blend together to create intense flavours and juicy mouth-watering textures.

On the other hand, fritura marinera is seafood-based with things like squid, prawns and mussels, which are cooked with the same vegetables and spices. The result is a seafood dish brimming with freshness and sea flavour, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean coast.


A delicacy that’s possibly the island’s most popular food. This sausage, which is cured for several months, contains pork, salt and paprika.

Sobrassada is renowned for its intense flavour and creamy texture. It’s a real pleasure to savour it spread on bread, on toast or along with other foods, such as cheese, coming up with an irresistible combination of flavours and textures. The fact that it’s part of the aforementioned tumbet further enhances its authentic flavour, adding a touch of richness to this scrumptious dish.

Sobrasada comida tipica de mallorca
empanada o pastel de carne comida tipica de mallorca

Mallorcan Pasties

Mallorcan empanadas (pastries) are a traditional culinary delight in Mallorca. There are different types, with the most common being lamb, influenced by Jewish culture, and pork, linked to its Christian roots. Some of them even have sobrassada.

These empanadas have a crispy dough and juicy and delicious fillings. The meat in the lamb empanadas is slow-cooked with spices and herbs, creating a tender filling that’s bursting with flavour. Pork empanadas, on the other hand, have a juicy and well-seasoned filling that’ll leave you wanting seconds.

Nowadays there are many varieties of empanadas, such as chicken and curry, peas only, vegetarian….

Arròs brut

This Balearic expression, which roughly translates as ‘dirty rice’, is used to refer to a spice-based recipe made with garden produce and game meat. It gets its dark and cloudy colour from these ingredients. It’s normally cooked with seasonal vegetables, so the ingredients vary from one season to the next.

arroz brut comida tipica de mallorca
coca trampo comida tipica de mallorca


There’s no end to the varieties of cocas, similar to a pizza, but with an indigenous designation of origin. The coca de trampó is perhaps the most widely known. It’s made with onion, pepper and tomato. It can be served as a starter or even as a tapa.

Sopa mallorquina

Once again made with pork and vegetables. Although there are different ways to make it, the traditional recipe includes potato, pepper, carrot, garlic, onion and cabbage. They are usually cut into small cubes and accompanied by the delicious broth.

caracoles comida tipica de mallorca

Mallorcan-style snails

Ever tried them? It’s one of the most surprising traditional Mallorcan dishes. The delicious snails are cooked with herbs and spices.

Mallorcan-style snails are quite often served as a tapa or starter in the island’s restaurants and bars. They’re normally served in little individual casserole dishes along with a delicious sauce and crunchy bread to dip in it. This dish is perfect for adventurous foodies and those looking to give unique flavours a try. Try them with an authentic Mallorcan allioli, an incredible sauce that, as its name suggests, is made mainly with garlic and oil.

Traditional Mallorcan desserts

Desserts cannot go amiss when discussing traditional Mallorcan food. So, this section gives you a rundown of the most traditional ones.

Ensaimada. It’s the island’s most typical dessert, so you can’t leave without trying it or taking some back with you. This spiral-shaped puff pastry is made with eggs, flour, sugar, yeast and butter. It can be eaten on its own or filled with chocolate, quince jam, almond cream or toasted cream.

Quartos Embetumats. It’s one of the traditional Mallorcan dishes from Palma. It’s a light and fluffy sponge cake made from sugar, cornflour and eggs. It’s usually filled with custard or topped with chocolate or meringue.

Gató de almendra. This is also a sponge cake, although it’s a moist one made with local almonds, eggs, cinnamon powder, sugar and lemon zest.

Crespells. These Easter pastries come in fun shapes and are sprinkled with icing sugar.

ensaimadas comida tipica de mallorca

Savour traditional Mallorcan dishes

Mallorca is undoubtedly a terrific destination for a number of reasons. However, if gastronomic tourism is up your street, this Balearic island is mouth-watering. It has no shortage of amazing restaurants and, what’s more, you can rustle up some of the recipes in your Ideal Property Mallorca tourist accommodation

So, wait no more. Come give traditional Mallorcan cuisine a try and stay in the island’s best locations for an unforgettable getaway.