When are the Sant Pere Festivities held?

The festivity of Sant Pere, patron saint of sailors, is celebrated on the 29th of June. On this day, a sea-related procession is held, and a group of beautifully embellished vessels are put to sea to escort the image of their patron saint and sail around the bays of Mallorca. 

During the weeks before and after the festivities, cultural and leisure activities are held in the towns of Mallorca, with parades, open-air dances and lots of musical performances.

History of Sant Pere Festival

The seafaring profession has been deeply rooted in many Mallorcan families for generations. At first, the festivities consisted of a sea-related procession in which all the vessels on the port took part, and the celebration of a church service afterwards. In the last 20 years, the celebration of the Sant Pere Festival has become another Patron Saint’s Day in Alcudia and other towns on the island. The expansion of the celebration of this festivity has also enriched it, attracting both residents and tourists to participate in its traditional activities and to enjoy the local culture.

Furthermore, Fishermen’s Day is also celebrated in Mallorca on this date. It’s the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the hard work of these brave men and women, whom day after day venture out to sea and drive one of the most important industries on the island. It is a time to acknowledge their bravery and dedication, as well as to reflect on the importance of the sea in the lives and economy of the region. The community comes together to honour those who work in the fishing industry, giving them support and recognition for their vital contribution to Mallorcan society.

sant pere palma

Sant Pere Festival in Alcudia

Have fun at the festivity organised in honour of Sant Pere, the patron saint of sailors, in Alcudia with a unique festive atmosphere! Immerse yourself in a sea-related procession in which a parade of emellished vessels will escort the image of the patron saint through Alcudia’s picturesque bay. Before the big day, you can aslo enjoy a week full of cultural activities and entertainment in the Port, with parades, village celebrations and an eclectic variety of musical performances. 

The fun starts on 22 of June with a vibrant “tardeo” starting at 6 p.m. followed by a “fiesta marinera” where the dress code is to wear a sailor’s attire. Throughout the week, you can also take part in events such as the traditional sardinade organised by local fishermen, sports tournaments, martial arts exhibitions, and live music performances organised by Alcúdia’s local bands, together with a vibrant “batucada”. The festivities also include open-air theatre plays and water games for the little ones.

sant pere alcudia
sant pere alcudia

The climax takes place on the 29th of June with a religious procession held both by land and sea, which departs from the Església de la Mare de Déu del Carme i Sant Pere, carrying the image of the saint through the streets of the Port. The most emotional moment is when the participants load the image of Sant Pere on a traditional “bou” boat and sail across the Bay of Alcúdia accompanied by dozens of vessels, all of them fully decorated for the occasion. Finally, the day comes to its end with exciting concerts and fireworks display over the bay to conclude the festival.

But the fun doesn’t end there. Right after its closing, the festivities continue with the Mare de Déu de la Victoria celebrations in the picturesque hermitage. On the 1st of July, you can enjoy the village party held at sunset after a race to the hermitage, followed by traditional dances to the sound of the guitar all night long. The 2nd of July begins with a church service, followed by the traditional offering of camomile sprigs and culminates with a delicious paella in aid of the hermitage. Don’t miss the “ball de bot” exhibition dancing the “Jota de La Victoria” with the local music band, inaugurated by Alcúdia’s Mayor or Mayoress, it’s a unique experience full of tradition and joy!

Where else is Sant Pere Festival celebrated in Mallorca?

The ports of Pollença, Andratx, Sóller and Colònia de Sant Pere, followed up by the village of Esporles, dress up to honour the patron saint of the Sant Pere Festival at the end of June, tracing its origins back to the marine past of some of these towns. A display of processions on the sea, colourful parades, lively street parties and gastronomic delights shape the vibrant festive scene, which is one of the most prominent signs of the beginning of summer time in Mallorca. In addition, the island’s capital, Palma, will also join in the celebrations with a variety of events in honour of Sant Pere.

Port de Pollença

Locals from Port de Pollença celebrate the festivity of Sant Pere, honored as the Patron Saint of Fishermen and the old vicarage. For a few days around the 29th of June, the streets of Port de Pollença are impregnated with a festive atmosphere, with popular dances, gatherings of pipers, concerts, tributes to former fishermen, “habaneras”, and a lively seafood fair. The activity programme includes outstanding events, such as a sardinade on the old quay accompanied by the music of the “Xeremiers Orats” and a picturesque parade featuring the giants and big-heads of Pollença, featuring L’Esbart de Sant Jordi among others.

In addition, from the 28th to the 30th of June, an evening craft market is held on the old quay. 

sant pere pollensa
Sant pere colonia de snat pere

Colònia de Sant Pere

The Sant Pere Festival in Colònia de Sant Pere in Artà is an annual event of great magnitude, which provides a splendid opportunity for locals and visitors to immerse themselves in a variety of activities. These festivities are the result of a collaboration between the residents’ association, various collectives and the active participation of the general public.

The activity programme covers several days starting on June 28th, and lasting approximately one week. During this period, attendees have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of events, such as martial arts exhibitions, musical performances held by the local band and religious services, as well as communal lunches and dinners. In addition, there will also be fireworks displays, activities for children, sports tournaments ranging from football matches to other popular sports, storytellers and, of course, the countless village parties full of lights and music that encourage you to fully enjoy the spirit of summer time. But this is just a sample, as there are many more activities planned for all tastes and preferences. 


Throughout this whole week of celebrations, a visit to Esporles and its Sant Pere festivities becomes a must, being one of the highlights thanks to its emblematic correfocs of traditional character.

During this festive period, a wide range of activities await those who attend, from refreshing water games, ideal for combating the hot month of June in Mallorca, to the fraternisation dinners and lunches that are held throughout the village. There are also dance shows, exhibitions, exciting races, vibrant concerts and sports tournaments. Needless to say, we cannot forget the famous “correfocs” (fire runs), that crown the last day of the festivities together with a fireworks display

sant pere esporles
sant pere andratx


Sant Pere, patron saint of Andratx, is honoured during three vibrant weeks of festivities that transform this charming Mallorcan town. The streets burst with an explosion of tradition, music and fun that attracts both residents and visitors in search for authentic cultural experiences.

The heart of these celebrations beats to the rhythm of the music that fills squares and public spaces with life, creating an incomparable festive atmosphere. The little ones also have their own space for fun with especially designed activities for them, such as creative workshops, games, and shows for the whole family.

The essence of Mallorcan culture is shown in the traditional music and dance performances. Events such as the “Mercat de Camp de Mar” offer a unique experience with their display of local products and activities for the whole family. In addition, the sporting spirit is present with tournaments and activities that challenge and entertain participants of all ages.

The festivities culminate with the infectious energy of the “Brutaltló”, a costumed obstacle course, and the “Nit de Ses Penyes”, in which a unique concert is held, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Port de Sóller

Every year at the end of June, Port de Sóller puts on its glad rags to honour its patron, Sant Pere, in a festivity that is very dear to its inhabitants. Although the main day is on the 29th of June, the festivities extend over several days, during which the residents of the seaside neighbourhood wear their best attire in honour of their patron saint.

Highlights include a religious service in the church of Sant Ramon de Penyafort, followed by a procession along the promenade, where fishermen decorate their vessels in celebration, and a march-past of Sóller’s local authorities and music band. In addition to these events, sports competitions such as petanque and football tournaments are organised, as well as cultural activities. Exhibitions, and musical performances are held during the evenings, followed by village parties also known as “verbenas” near the sea. There’s also a wide range of activities for the little ones, such as drawing competitions and traditional games in the Santa Catalina neighbourhood. 

A unique opportunity to enjoy the Sant Pere Festival to the max is to take the Sóller train and experience an unforgettable journey that you should do at least once in a lifetime.

sant pere soller
sant pere palma


In the island’s capital, the festival may be less known, but it is not less impressive for that. On Sant Pere’s Day, a procession takes place in the port of Palma, starting from the chapel of Sant Telm or the church of Santa Creu. The route begins in the fishing area of the port and culminates with the raising of the image of Sant Pere aboard a fishing boat, which leads to the opening of the marine procession. After it, an open-to-the-public dinner is held in the same area. 

Other plans to celebrate summer time in Mallorca

Summer time in Mallorca brings a wide variety of activities, festivities and special nights out to enjoy the island – summer time is full of opportunities in Mallorca!

From staring at the magnificent sunsets to relaxing on the island’s terraces, there are countless ways to celebrate this special season. Indulge yourself in the exquisite local gastronomy at seafront restaurants, explore the island’s charming villages or dive into the crystal-clear waters of its beaches.

Experience the Magic of Sant Pere in Mallorca!

The Sant Pere Festival in Mallorca is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the essence of the island. From activities centered on the fishing industry and life at sea, to vibrant parties in the region’s picturesque villages. Every corner is infused with energy and tradition during this event. It’s a time to connect with nature in quiet Mallorcan harbours, where the gentle whisper of the sea accompanies the celebrations, and also to share laughter and joy with loved ones.

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