If you are looking for the ideal destination to visit Mallorca, this is Puerto de Alcúdia

Port Alcudia offers fun, relaxation and activities for everyone. Not only is it Mallorca’s largest commercial port, it’s also a true leisure epicentre. You can do just about anything: go shopping, eat out, dance the night away, get active with water sports, enjoy the island’s culture and heritage… Keep reading to discover more.

The best beaches in Port Alcudia

One of Port d’Alcudia’s  main attractions is its fantastic swimming areas. Alcudia stands out in particular for its 3.4 kilometres of sandy beach with an average width of 70 metres.

With its calm and shallow waters, you’ll have to go far until you find yourself out of your depth. That’s what makes it a fantastic choice for a family day out. Its urban setting means that there are a wide variety of services of offer, including shops, beach bars, attractions and sites all in close proximity to the beach.

Continuing on, next you’ll find Muro beach, extending to over 8 kilometres in length.

puerto de alcudia pollensa

Reasons to take a family trip to Puerto Alcudia

The calm, safe waters in this area may be ideal for youngsters to enjoy a dip in the sea but they’re not Port de Alcudia’s  only attraction when it comes to a family holiday. The city walls and its historic centre make a stroll around Port de Alcudia a stimulating and vibrant experience with plenty to learn along the way.

Porta del Moll, the main gate to the 16th century walled city makes the ideal backdrop for memorable holiday snaps. The Roman ruins of Pollentia take us back to a more remote past.

But we know that the kids can’t live on culture and history alone, so what about this list of top activities for youngsters?:

  • Hidropark water park is an essential stop on all the best family holidays.
  • Ses Roques Ranch, an iconic attraction where youngsters can interact with animals and enjoy unforgettable experiences.
  • Nautical excursions. Puerto Alcudia is the ideal location to take part in a wide variety of activities of this type. From boats to speedboats not requiring a licence, a whole host of nautical activities are on offer for a truly unforgettable adventure.
  • Water sports. Diving, snorkelling kitesurfing and paddle boarding… Alcudia beach offers something for everyone. And the best thing? While the kids are having a whale of time, you can also enjoy your favourite activities.
Toboganes en HidroPark Puerto Alcúdia

Hidropark Alcudia

Rancho Ses Roques Puerto Alcúdia

 Ses Roques Ranch

excursiones en barco en Puerto de Alcúdia

Nautical excursion in Alcudia

deportes acuáticos en puerto de Alcúdia

Water sports

academia futbol puerto de alcúdia

ESA Soccer Academy

Port d’Alcudia is also a great destination for families due to the excellent accommodation on offer whether you’re looking for a holiday home, villa or apartment. These options are the perfect choice for those travelling in large groups. Apartment Mary and holiday home Can Oliva offer two very different types of accommodation but are both ideal for families.

What is there to do in Port d'Alcudia?

Without a doubt, the most difficult question to answer would be: what can’t you do here? Don’t forget to explore the city walls and the historic centre, as well as the Roman ruins, complete with one of Spain’s smallest amphitheatres.

Fancy shopping in the traditional way? Puerto Alcudia’s market is a hive of activity with all types of stalls and products, especially fresh and local produce. Crafts, jewellery and leather goods also abound.

Or perhaps you’re more into hiking, trekking and cycling? S’Alfubera constitutes an area of great ornithological interest. This destination is also ideal for cyclists, with plenty of trails and charming routes.

Playing golf, nights on the town, meeting new friends or visiting a sculpture park and the adjoining rose garden are other fantastic options. Are you a beer lover? Be sure to visit Beer Lovers, a microbrewery with the essence of a museum where you can try a whole host of delicious varieties.

senderismo de montaña en puerto de Alcúdia

Where to eat in Port de Alcudia

In addition to its many bars, terraces and nightclubs, this Mallorcan destination stands out for its excellent restaurants. Great food is guaranteed during your visit. The variety of options is endless, meaning that whatever your tastes you’re sure to be satisfied.

There are many different gastronomic routes to explore throughout the city and the surrounding area. Among the many, the restaurants we most recommend include:

  • Restaurant Celler Ca’n Costa Alcudia. The oldest restaurant in Alcudia, ideal for trying traditional Mallorcan cuisine. Their menu is very extensive and you’re sure to leave more than satisfied with your choice. All their dishes are delicious!
  • Como en Casa. This restaurant has a well-earned reputation for their carefully prepared quality dishes with an exotic flare. If you’re a fan of curry and originality, make sure to visit this fantastic restaurant.
  • Bistro Mar.  This restaurant is located in the Nautical Club and serves recipes made with excellent local produce. Don’t leave without trying their rice in broth with lobster!
  • The Wine Side. Enjoy the region’s best fish and seafood, cooked with simplicity so that their freshness and flavour are the star of the show.

Muddy’s Wood Fired Grill, Merlet Restaurant, Ca’n Punyetes… We could go on and on naming excellent restaurants in Puerto Alcudia. But wouldn’t it be better if you discovered them yourself?

bistro mar en puerto de alcúdia
Celler can Costa Alcúdia
comer en los mejores restaurantes de puerto de Alcúdia
plato en the wine side Puerto de Alcúdia

If you want everything for this holiday, your place is Port de Alcúdia

Don’t give it another thought! Port Alcudia is the perfect holiday destination for you and all the family. Check out our section Ideal Property Mallorca and book the best accommodation now!