Dijous Bo: Inca's Most Famous Festival

Year after year, the Mallorcan town of Inca celebrates its most important festivities, the Dijous Bo festival. This celebration takes place in the month of November and is characterized by its medieval markets where you can purchase handmade clothing and crafts. To this day, it is considered the largest traditional fair in Mallorca.

In 2023, the Dijous Bo Festival in Inca will be held on Thursday, November 16, although events begin as early as Monday, November 13. This fair marks the culmination of all the autumn events and festivities in Mallorca. Curious about what you can expect at the 2023 Dijous Bo in Inca? Let us tell you.

The Essence of Dijous Bo in Inca: Where Does This Tradition Come From?

The origin of Dijous Bo, or Good Thursday, dates back to the 13th century. This festivity originated in the Middle Ages as part of an agricultural and livestock fair in honor of Saint Luke, the patron saint of the town of Inca. Nowadays, it not only features agricultural medieval markets but also sports races, cultural activities, and commercial events, making Dijous Bo one of the most popular festivals in Inca.

Although Inca is a small town, the Dijous Bo festivities attract thousands of visitors every November, becoming one of the most significant festivals in Mallorca. In fact, it has become so popular that in recent years, they have also celebrated “Dimecres Bo” or Good Wednesday.

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Events You Can't Miss at the 2023 Inca Festivals


The Inca Festivals are an annual celebration that brings life to this charming town in Mallorca. In 2023, the festivities promise to exceed all expectations, with a variety of events and activities that will captivate both visitors and locals alike. From the iconic Dijous Bo to cultural exhibitions, concerts, and sports competitions, here’s a preview of the events you shouldn’t miss at the 2023 Inca Festivals.

Agriculture and Livestock Fair

As mentioned earlier, this is the origin of the fair, so it’s no surprise that the tradition of the Dijous Bo’s agriculture and livestock fairs continues to this day. This fair usually features local breeds of animals such as sheep, cows, pigs, and other farm animals. There are even contests to award the best livestock specimens.

Cultural Activities

During Dijous Bo, numerous cultural activities are organized for all event attendees. Concerts tend to be the predominant focus of these activities, featuring local groups that participate to showcase their talents and create a festive atmosphere for all visitors to the Dijous Bo fair.

Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy various competitions and exhibitions, including cycling, athletics, and other sports widely practiced on the island of Mallorca, such as tennis, windsurfing, or hiking around the island.

Parade of Decorated Floats

One of the most well-known traditions of this fair is the parade of decorated floats, adorned with medieval motifs and pulled by farm animals. This is undoubtedly one of the activities cherished by the public, as the streets of Inca are filled with traditions, culture, and medieval motifs, where locals dress in their finest period attire to parade through the Mallorcan town.


The November night in Inca is illuminated with fireworks and pyrotechnic displays. A spectacle of castles and fireworks marks the end of the Dijous Bo festivities and all autumn celebrations in Mallorca. Each year, pyrotechnic artists strive to enhance the show that fills the sky with colors, creating an exhilarating sensation among event attendees.


Come and visit the Dijous Bo 2023 festivities with us

The Inca Festivals, particularly Dijous Bo 2023, offer a unique experience that celebrates the cultural richness, tradition, and festive spirit of Mallorca. From the vibrant activities at the fair to the exciting parade of decorated floats, these celebrations embody the essence of the island. As you enjoy the Agriculture and Livestock Fair, immerse yourself in cultural activities, or savor local delights, you’ll feel like a part of Inca’s rich history and welcoming community.

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