Experience the best horse riding excursion in Mallorca:

Having a horse riding excursion in Mallorca is a rewarding experience for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to immerse yourself in the island’s magnificent nature in a relaxing and authentic way. As you ride through scenic trails and rural areas, you can appreciate the diversity of landscapes, from beaches to hills and lush forests, and what better than to do it with the real experts of the area? In the following post we explain it all… read on!

Horses in Mallorca: The best in the area

Mallorcan horses, known as “raza mallorquina” or “purebred Mallorcan horse”, are highly appreciated for several reasons:

Adaptation to the environment: over the years, Mallorcan horses have adapted to the specific climate and terrain of the island. This adaptation has resulted in hardy and strong horses, capable of coping with the island’s changing conditions.

Calm temperament: These horses tend to have a calm and balanced temperament, making them reliable companions for both novice and experienced riders. Their calm nature makes them easy to interact with and ride.

Ruggedness and versatility: Mallorcan horses are known for their ruggedness and versatility. They can be used in a variety of activities, such as recreational riding, field work and local equestrian competitions.

Physical characteristics: They have a physical structure well adapted to the environment and climate of Mallorca. They are usually of medium size, with compact and resistant bodies. Their coat is dense and resistant, which protects them from inclement weather.

Historical heritage: The Mallorcan breed has a long history on the island, and its breeding has been carefully maintained for generations. This historical heritage has contributed to the preservation of the desirable characteristics of the breed.

abrazo con caballo mallorquí
couple riding horse mallorca

The best places for your horse riding excursion in Mallorca

Mallorca offers a variety of enchanting places to go horseback riding and explore its natural beauty. Some of the best places include:

Mondragó Natural Park: This natural park on the southeast coast of Mallorca offers scenic trails through hills, beaches and wooded areas, providing a unique horseback riding experience while enjoying the panoramic views.

Tramuntana mountain range: This mountain range is a World Heritage Site and offers breathtaking riding routes through mountain scenery and picturesque villages. The views are spectacular and the experience is memorable.

Es Trenc Beach: Horseback riding on the golden sands of this beautiful beach is a special experience. You can enjoy the ride by the sea and feel the breeze while exploring one of the most iconic places in Mallorca.

Cala Mesquida: This unspoiled beach on the northeast coast of Mallorca is a popular place for horseback riding. You can enjoy a unique experience exploring the dunes and natural surroundings on horseback.

Although from Ideal Property Mallorca we highly recommend you the specific place where Son Vivot offers horseback riding excursions and unforgettable experiences, located very close to Santa Margarita, Inca and Binissalem.

Let's talk about Son Vivot: Horse Experts in Mallorca

The Equestrian Center Son Vivot was born in 1998. Since then it has been making it possible for everyone who wants to enjoy the common passion: horse riding.

In this equestrian club you will find a healthy and familiar atmosphere where you can enjoy the different specialties such as jumping and dressage.

Son Vivot makes it possible to experience the island in a unique way with its excursions. And an endless number of other services that we will talk about below:

1. Riding Lessons.

Baby&Pony classes (-5 years old) where children learn about horses, care, riding and behavior through play. The child-pony interaction improves knowledge and skills, promoting motivational, educational and recreational benefits. 30 minute sessions with a maximum of 2 students for safety and adaptation.

Riding lessons (+5 years old) with technical focus, covering levels 1 to 4 (coinciding with gallops) and jumping and dressage modalities. Group or individual lessons according to level and age.

baby with horse

2. Excursions

Son Vivot offers a variety of horseback riding excursions: long, short, beach or mountain. If you have a group, they will customize the experience according to your wishes. Son Vivot takes care of their horses carefully so that you can always enjoy together. After this incredible experience, they will take you to the best restaurants to recharge your batteries.

3. EAT

Equine Assisted Therapy is an intervention used to improve physical, psychosocial and cognitive functions of horses in people with disabilities or pathologies. It has defined objectives and is directed by a health professional. At Centro Ecuestre Son Vivot, an expert psychologist in Animal Assisted Interventions guides these sessions.

The therapy benefits people with mental health, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities and social exclusion. It is given by Elizabeth Matamalas Suñer, psychologist and expert in Animal Assisted Interventions.

4. Horse Transportation

transporte de caballos

Son Vivot offers weekly horse transportation in Mallorca and the mainland. The vehicles are adapted to the needs of your horses and have surveillance cameras to monitor their welfare during the journey. The fleet includes:

  • Truck with capacity for 9 seats.
  • Truck with capacity for 4 seats.
  • Trailer with capacity for 3 seats.

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Your unforgettable horse riding experience in Mallorca

To sum up, having a horseback riding excursion in Mallorca is an unforgettable experience for several reasons. First of all, the island offers a diversity of landscapes ranging from beaches with crystal-clear waters with their Aquatic Sports, to green hills and enchanting forests.

Horse riding allows you to explore these environments in a unique and close way, feeling the connection with nature and appreciating panoramic views that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The sense of freedom and tranquility you experience while riding a horse is hard to match. The calm rhythm of the horses allows you to immerse yourself in the environment, disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle and live the present moment in a special way.

The relationship between rider and horse adds another level of meaning to the experience. The mutual trust that develops and the feeling of working together in harmony creates a unique and enriching emotional connection.

With Ideal Property Mallorca we know that you deserve the best for your stay in Mallorca and that is why we have put together some accommodations near Son Vivot that would be great for you, don’t miss it and live your adventure!