The Ecotax in Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands

The ecotax is a tourist tax that is designed to distribute the benefits of tourism and compensate for any harm it may cause. Want to find out more?

Why is the Ecotax necessary in Mallorca?

We are travelling more and more these days. The level of wellbeing, economic advances, new attitudes in society and improvements to transport enable us to do it more than ever before.

Major tourist destinations are now exposed to a number of risks inherent to mass tourism that can have negative consequences. Their residents also have to put up with certain inconveniences: crowds, noise, rent increases, overburdened services, etc

In addition, maintaining and protecting the most popular natural environments requires additional investment, particularly to implement sustainability and environmental standards.

Within this context, ecotaxes are tourist tolls or taxes that certain public bodies charge to end consumers who visit their territories.

It applies to cities, provinces and autonomous communities. As a visitor, you will need to pay them if you decide to travel to these locations. One of the taxes that has been around for the longest is the ecotax on the Balearic Islands, which you’ve probably encountered before.

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Objectives and benefits of the Ecotax

Let’s be honest: when you’re not expecting it, finding out you have to pay an ecotax in Mallorca or any of the other islands when planning your holiday could be off-putting.

But if you know what it’s for and why it is applied, you’ll find it easier to accept. Its purpose is to raise funds for the following:

1. Investing in environmental and ecological sustainability initiatives to protect these areas.

2. Promoting tourism for these destinations.

3. Compensating local residents for certain inconveniences resulting from tourism, particularly with mass tourism.

You can imagine how the constant and continued presence of tourists could have certain effects on areas and residents. That is why some leaders use this formula to ensure that tourism remains sustainable and beneficial.

Implementation and structure of the ecotax

The ecotax on the Balearic Islands has been in effect since 2016. Its official name is the Sustainable Tourism Tax and it is applied on the four main islands: Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera.

The regulation stipulates that all guests at hotel establishments who are over the age of 16 must pay the tax. These establishments are responsible for collecting it and then transferring it to the relevant authorities.

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Balearic Island Ecotax 2023 rates and calculator

The applicable costs will vary according to the number of guests, the accommodation category and the length of the stay. For example:

– For stays in the low season, only 75% of the tax is applied.

– From the ninth day of the stay, a discount of 50% is applied.


The rates per day and per guest are as follows:

– €1. Hostels, campsites, guesthouses, inns, retreats and lodges.

– €2. Hotels and tourist apartments with one to three stars or keys. Also holiday homes, rural accommodation and tourist cruise ships.

– €3. Three-star superior and four-star hotels and apartment hotels. Tourist apartments with 3 keys or more.

– €4. Applies to tourist apartments with four or more keys, as well as hotels and apartment hotels with four stars or more.

To make things simpler, here is a Balearic Islands ecotax calculator so you will know the exact cost for your trip!

How do you pay the Balearic Islands Ecotax?

The customer pays the 2023 Balearic Islands Ecotax with their final invoice. The managers of each establishment will then need to transfer the funds to the Balearic Islands Tax Agency. This is their responsibility, so it will be claimed from them if it is not collected or transferred.

It is managed in two ways:

– Objective estimation system. After registering on the ecotax census, a receipt is sent to guests each time it is charged. It is then settled with one annual payment made between 1 May and 30 June the following year.

– Direct estimation system. In this case the payments are made quarterly. All the payment receipts and a logbook must be kept, and then an annual summary has to be submitted.

The Ecotax at other destinations

As for the Spanish autonomous communities, the tax is applied in Mallorca and Catalonia. The price in Catalonia ranges from €0.45 to €2.25 per day and per guest.

This tax also applies to over half of all countries in Europe. You can use this price table (per person/night) as a reference for the main capital cities: Amsterdam: 5%, Berlin: 5%, Brussels: €2.15-8.75, Budapest: 4%, Lisbon: €1, Malta: €0.50, Paris: €0.22-4.40, Prague: €0.50, Rome: €2-3, Vienna: €3.20.

Mallorca awaits you

It is true that the ecotax will increase the cost of your visit to the Balearic Islands. However, these tax revenues will be used to ensure that they remain as magical as ever. So what are you waiting for? Come visit the islands. Find holiday rentals in Mallorca with the best value for money! Choose between Pollensa, Alcanada, Alcudia or any other destination. Treat yourself to an incredible holiday.